Surrey & Sussex Drum & Bugle Corps 



Surrey and Sussex Drum and Bugle Corps aka The Ex-Bandables, was officially formed on 7th October 2013. We had all got together during the summer months to participate in a parade in Redhill to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of Reigate Sea Cadets; where a large proportion of us had started on the road to becoming "Bandies".

The suggestion was put forward to the members that participating in a one off Gig seemed such a waste, so it was decided that we would form this band to enable us to carry on with our love for music and build the friendships that had been re-kindled and forged.

As part of our formation we set some objectives as to what we aimed to achieve by forming; these being.

  • To perform as a marching band 
  • To entertain the public 
  • To raise funds for charity
  • To encourage the goodwill and involvement of the wider community
  • To foster community spirit and encourage civic pride

We feel that we live up to these objectives and they are met each time we go out into the public or talk to anyone about the band.

Between the current playing members of the band we estimate that we have approximately 400+ years of playing experience; so as you can see we may be a newly formed band but by no means are we inexperienced.

All members of the band hold down full time jobs from all walks of life ranging from Full time parents, Police, Fire and Ambulance Services, Lawyer, Plumbers, Builders and those running their own businesses and the list goes on - a varied scope of backgrounds but with that one common bond that is the love of Music.

The Band can perform a variety of Musical tasks to fulfill a variety of engagements. We currently offer our services for:

  • Parades and Carnivals
  • Fanfares and Event Openings
  • Arena Displays
  • Drum Head Services
  • Funeral/Remembrance Buglers

we can be contacted via our contact page for any inquiry regarding a booking or anyone wishing to become a member of the band or support crew*

The Band has a group of dedicated supporters that look after us by way of fund raising,sorting logistics for events and making teas at band practice break time - this is an important part of the success of the band and we welcome any volunteers to become a supporting member.


A Corps of Drums is a musical unit of several national armies. Drummers were originally established in European armies to act as signallers.[1] This is the major historical distinction between a military band and a corps of drums, 'drummers' would not play their instruments to entertain or delight, but rather as a utilitarian battlefield role. This role was fulfilled by trumpeters or buglers and timpanists in the cavalry and the artillery, who did not form into comparative formed bodies in the way that drummers did


Here are the instruments that are used in the band.


Images by Kevin Hendon